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The Fred Astaire Top Hats Fan Community

As every Fred Astaire fanatic knows, it sometimes gets pretty lonely being the only person in your entire city who is devoted to Fred. Worse yet, when you try to introduce new people to Fred, you get responses ranging from blank stares to rolled eyes.

Well, be lonely no more. Here you may meet other Fred Astaire fans, individuals across the planet who are united by an appreciation of the genius of Fred Astaire. Here you may seek out like-minded people for movie showings, parties, or just out of curiosity.

How to join

Membership is open to anyone who has posted at least one message (for example, an introductory email about yourself) on either the Fred Astaire mailing list or the Top Hats forum. Don't be shy. Once you have done so, you may fill out the membership form to join.

Coming very soon...

Profiles - Meet your fellow Fred Fans. Search by name or nickname.

Maps - Locate your fellow Fred Fans by geographical location.

Meetings - Information on upcoming meetings, plus pictures and stories from recently concluded meetings.

Club Information/Administration - Contact information, queries, plus our privacy policy. Also modify your listing here.


What's Here

There are lots of different ways of participating in the Fan community:

Mailing List - The Fred Astaire yahoogroup is a large and vibrant community which loves to talk Fred all the time. Be warned- members tend to post a lot, so be prepared to receive 10-20 messages a day.

Discussion Board - For those who do not wish to participate over email, or just prefer this format. You can post messages on the board and check in whenever you wish.

Chat Room - A basic online chat room where you can talk in real time with each other. It's best if you schedule an appointment with your friends. Not many people hang around waiting to be talked to.

Location Map - See where the other Fred fans around the world are located, and put your own location on the map as well! If you wish, you can even include your own contact information so that other Fred fans near you can contact you.

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