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You Were Never Lovelier PDF Print E-mail

Directed by: William A. Seiter


Fred Astaire

Robert Davis

Rita Hayworth

Marcia Acuna

Adolphe Menjou

Eduardo Acuna

Isobel Elsom

Maria Castro

Xavier Cugat


Produced by: Louis F. Edelman

Written by: Delmer Daves, Michael Fessier, Carlos A Olivari, Ernest Pagano, and Sixto Pondal Rios

Choreographed by: Fred Astaire and Val Raset

Cinematography: Ted Tetzlaff

Words and Music by: Jerome Kern

Production Company: Columbia

Premiere: New York, December 4, 1942

Synopsis (from VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever 2001): Charming tale of a father who creates a phony Romeo to try and interest his daughter in marrying. Astaire appears and woos Hayworth in the flesh. The dancing, of course, is superb, and Hayworth is stunning. (3½ out of 4)

P.J. Says:

One of Fred's best movies, on par with the best Ginger and the best later works. The plot hangs together, even though it does get a trifle convoluted. Fred and Rita spark very well together here, unlike in their previous collaboration. Adolph Menjou plays an utterly charming rogue of a father, and though you can't stand his behaviour you can't help but like him. He only wants the best for his daughter, after all. It helps that at the end, all the men are honourable. It would've been easy for Fred to grab the contract and then double-cross Menjou, but he didn't. He tried his best to convince Rita that he was no good. Even though he was in love with her, he tried to honour the deal and in the end saved Majou. What a man! his honour above his own happiness!

Dancing-wise, it is all on a high level. "I'm Old Fashioned" and "the Shorty George" are two exceptional standouts. Also don't miss the demonstration dance.

This is definitely a peak, one of his best movies. Miss it at your own peril.

The final word:

Dancing value: 10/10
Acting value: 9/10
Entertainment value: 10/10

Overall Ranking: 5/31

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