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Directed by: Mark Sandrich


Fred Astaire

Guy Holden

Ginger Rogers


Alice Brady


Edward Everett Horton


Eric Blore

The Waiter

Erik Rhodes


Also featuring: Betty Grable

Produced by: Pandro S. Berman

Written by: J. Hartley Manners, Dwight Taylor, Kenneth S. Webb, Samuel Hoffenstein, George Marion Jr., Dorothy Yost, Edward Kaufman

Choreographed by: Dave Gould, Hermes Pan (Assistant)

Cinematography: David Abel

Words and Music by: Cole Porter, Con Conrad, Herb Magidson, Mack Gordon, Harry Revel, Samuel Hoffenstein, Kenneth Webb

Production Company: RKO

Premiere: New York, November 15, 1934

Synopsis (from VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever 2001): Astaire pursues Rogers to an English seaside resort, where she mistakes him for the hired correspondent in her divorce case. Based on the musical play "The Gay Divorce" by Dwight Taylor and Cole Porter. The title was slightly changed for the movie because of protests from the Hays Office. (3 out of 4)


P.J. Says:

A fantastic movie, although I did feel "The Continental" dragged on a little too long (It's the longest musical sequence ever filmed). There's a level of wit present here that few other movies matched, e.g.:

Fred: I was chasing you, you shouldn't run away like that.

Ginger: Why not?

Fred: It's bad for my health.

The movie also has "Night And Day". Not only is this an incredible dance, but the dance has a level of detail that tells us more than most love scenes. When someone fully explained the dance to me, I was blown away. I never realised how much detail went into the dance, with significance in everything from the placement of their arms to the exact spot they are looking at.

Of course, the other dance numbers are great as well. This is Fred as his dancing best. Finally given the freedom to do things his way, he brings to screen his incredible ability and we get to see what he can really do. More importantly, "Night And Day" is one of his choreographic peaks. Definitely one of his best movies.

The final word:

Dancing value: 9/10
Acting value: 8/10
Entertainment value: 9/10

Overall Ranking: 6/31

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